PyQGIS Resources

Here is a short list of resources available when writing Python code in QGIS. If you know of others, please leave a comment. Blogs/Websites In alphabetical order: GIS StackExchange Kartoza Linfiniti Lutra Consulting Nathan Woodrow Nyall Dawson Twitter #pyqgis Documentation Choose the version to match your QGIS install PyQGIS Cookbook QGIS API Example Code Existing plugins can be a great learning tool Code Snippets in the PyQGIS Cookbook Plugins/Tools Script Runner: Run scripts to automate QGIS tasks Plugin Builder: Create a starter plugin that you can customize to complete your own plugin Plugin Reloader: Allows you to reload a plugin from within QGIS pb_tool: Tool to compile and deploy your plugins Books PyQGIS Programmers Guide Geospatial Desktop: GIS Scripting (PDF)