Speculations on the File Geodatabase API

March 28, 2010

At the ESRI Developer Summit there was news of the File Geodatabase (FGDB) API. Based on the tweets from the summit it appears: The API will be C++ only API works on Windows and Unix/Linux (specifically RedHat, Solaris, SuSE) operating systems Rudimentary support only—features such as annotation, relationships, topologies, etc. are lacking Since ESRI is releasing a targeted API and a not a specification, support for Mac OS X is out of the question.

Upgrading PostGIS in a Database with Large Objects

October 28, 2007

Following the instructions for a “hard” upgrade in Chapter 2. Installation of the PostGIS manual results in large objects not being restored to the database. If you create a dump using pg_dump -Fc –oids and then use the script, the oids will be restored but not the large objects. This is not really a PostGIS issue, it can happen when dealing with any PostgreSQL database. To remedy this situation I found that the pg_dumplo utility has the answer.