Speculations on the File Geodatabase API

At the ESRI Developer Summit there was news of the File Geodatabase (FGDB) API. Based on the tweets from the summit it appears: The API will be C++ only API works on Windows and Unix/Linux (specifically RedHat, Solaris, SuSE) operating systems Rudimentary support only—features such as annotation, relationships, topologies, etc. are lacking Since ESRI is releasing a targeted API and a not a specification, support for Mac OS X is out of the question.

Upgrading PostGIS in a Database with Large Objects

Following the instructions for a “hard” upgrade in Chapter 2. Installation of the PostGIS manual results in large objects not being restored to the database. If you create a dump using pg_dump -Fc –oids and then use the script, the oids will be restored but not the large objects. This is not really a PostGIS issue, it can happen when dealing with any PostgreSQL database. To remedy this situation I found that the pg_dumplo utility has the answer.