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What's Holding Back the Adoption of Open Source GIS on the Desktop?

In my last post I created a poll to get an idea of the extent of migration to open source GIS on the desktop. The results indicated that nearly 50% of the people using open source GIS were still using their proprietary software as well. You can view the results of the poll using the Polls Archive link below the current poll. This leads one to wonder if it is the state of the open source software or other reasons that prevent a full migration.

Vista and Open Source

And so it begins. Chad has made a plea to Microsoft to help sort out issues with the latest World Wind release and Vista. The new security features are causing problems and I suspect that World Wind won’t be the last project to have to deal with it. So far the QGIS project has yet to get an experience report from anybody using Vista. Who knows what that will bring….

The Great Divide - User and Developer

a great divide separates the typical open source developer and user. each has differing expectations, assumptions, and priorities. the interaction between developer and user can be helpful, cordial, confrontational, or antagonistic. of course this all stems from being on opposite sides of the fence. the key to a successful relationship is communication and understanding (not exactly a new revelation). unfortunately its not possible for one developer to communicate directly with thousands of users.

Top Ten Open Source GIS Predictions for 2007

I remember growing up and reading predictions for the new year developed by some prognosticator, supposedly in the know. Of course most of the time it was all wrong, but often made for interesting reading. With that in mind, here are my top 10 predictions for Open Source GIS (OS GIS) for 2007. Top Ten OS GIS Predictions (in no particular order) OSGeo will be a synergetic force, fostering new cooperation and collaboration between projects.

Open Source Geospatial Foundation Meeting - Review

This is an unofficial recap of the OSGF meeting, based on my recollections having spent 10 hours on IRC and the phone. I’m sure the foundation will release an official version of the day’s events, so take my comments with a grain of salt. As I stated in an earlier post, the name was chosen early on and without an excessive amount of debate. OSGF rolls off the tongue rather easily and has a nice ring to it.