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Why QGIS Class Names Start With Qgs

If you’re a developer, or have looked at the QGIS source code, you’ve likely noticed that most C++ classes in the project start with Qgs.

Back before the dark ages of QGIS, Trolltech (now Digia) allowed you to reserve name prefixes for classes that used the Qt framework.

Shortly afterwards, I reserved the gs prefix for my use, resulting in class names that start with Qgs.

The PyQGIS Programmer’s Guide

The PyQGIS Programmer’s Guide is now available in both paperback and PDF. A sample chapter is also available for download.

The book is fully compatible with the QGIS 2.x series of releases.

QGIS Training Opportunities

We’re planning a couple of training classes for March:

  • Introduction to QGIS
  • Extending QGIS with Python

Each is a one day class and we plan to run them back to back. If you are local or just want to come to Alaska in March for some spring skiing, northern lights viewing, or to experience the equinox, please hop over to GeoApt and let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Getting Paths With PyQGIS

When writing plugins or scripts it is often necessary to get information about the paths QGIS is using. For example, if we are writing a plugin that uses Python templates to create output based on user actions, we need to know the path to our installed plugin so we can find the templates. Fortunately the API provides an easy way to get at the information; here are a few examples:

Welcome to New QGIS PSC Members

Nominations for the QGIS PSC closed at 00:00 UTC on August 25, 2013 [1].

With only one nominee for each role, the PSC unanimously moved to accept each without election.

The QGIS PSC welcomes new members Anita Graser, Richard Duivenvoorde, and Jürgen Fischer.

The PSC is now composed of:

  • Chair - Gary Sherman
  • Community Advisor - Otto Dassau
  • Design Advisor - Anita Graser
  • Financial and Marketing Advisor - Paolo Cavallini
  • Infrastructure Manager - Richard Duivenvoorde
  • Release Manager - Jürgen Fischer
  • Technical Advisor - Marco Hugentobler
  • Testing/QA Manager - Tim Sutton

The new PSC members begin their terms immediately.


QGIS Back in the Day

Do you remember this?

QGIS of Yesteryear

If so, you’ve been using QGIS a long time…

  • OGR and PostGIS support
  • No raster support
  • Three widgets on the Symbology tab
  • No symbology in the legend

But you could use it handily on a 640x480 display.