Plugin Builder 3.1

We’ve released version 3.1 of the Plugin Builder for QGIS 3.x. This version contains a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Here are some of the changes included since version 3.0.3:

  • Fix issue with reload on generated plugins
  • Move dialog creation to run method to improve startup performance
  • Move help file generation files to proper method
  • Include missing tags file
  • Attempt to compile resources.qrc when plugin is generated (requires pyrcc5 in path)
  • Set deployment directory in Makefile based on user OS (pb_tool is recommended over make)
  • Check for valid URL format for tracker and repository

Compiling Resource File

If you have the resource compiler pyrcc5 in your path, the resource file will be compiled automatically when you generate your new plugin. This means it’s ready to deploy and test without any further steps.

Using pb_tool

Although a Makefile is created when you generate a new plugin, you are encouraged to use pb_tool for compiling, deploying, and managing your plugins. It runs everywhere and simplifies your plugin development.

pb_tool works with both Python 2.x and 3.x.

See for information.

Installing Plugin Builder

You can install Plugin Builder 3.1 from the Plugins -> Manage and Install Plugins… menu. Version 3.1 works on QGIS versions 3.0 and up.

Pull requests and code contributions are encouraged.